Good Food March

Action Camp in Wietze: Farms not factories!

Wietze in Lower Saxony is home to Europe's largest chicken slaughter house. Subsidised with € 6.5 million of taxpayers' money, it aims to to kill 430,000 chickens daily. It is a symbol of industrial farming that is destroying fair, green and local food and farming.

On August 31, a large demonstration and a human chain around the factory is being organised by the people behind the 'Wir haben es Satt' demonstration which took place in January in Berlin. This is their first summer event - hoorah!

Either side of the demonstration, an action camp is being organised to allow people to build networks, hold workshops and much much more. Find the official website here:

Find the call for action here: 

Aufruf zum bundesweiten Aktionstag „Wir haben Agrarindustrie satt!“

Call for Action “Farms instead of Factories!”

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