Good Food March

Go Meet A Deputy! Go M.A.D.

You are the VIP of your MEP!

That’s why members of the European Parliament (MEPs) need to hear what you - their constituent - think about the laws they decide upon!

Your MEP is your link to Brussels. They influence laws which affect a wide range of issues; including Good Food - Good Farming and policies such as Europe’s Common Agricultural Policy (CAP).

The CAP is being reformed right now! It will set the direction of our food and farming from 2014 to 2020 and beyond.

After long cross-party negotiations the EU Parliament’s Committee on agriculture, voted in late January 2013 to water-down the CAP reform. For example, they voted to weaken the proposed ‘greening’ of direct payments – a set of measures to increase the environmental performance of farms. This is likely to result in an increase of harmful monoculture farms across Europe. In reaction to this vote several farmers' and civil society groups launched Go M.A.D.!

Later in March 2013 the EU Parliament and its MEPs will as a whole will vote in plenary on the disastrous reform proposals endorsed by EU Parliament’s Committee on agriculture in January 2013.

The CAP uses public money. It is important to ensure it is used for common goods! The time between now and the plenary vote in March 2013 provides a window of opportunity for concerned farmers, food-lovers, citizens - the public in general - to ensure that the issues they deeply care about are properly represented. It´s time to meet your MEP! Click here to connect to them and set up a meeting.

Meeting your MEP means writing to them and joining with others to meet them. In Germany for example, you can link to the national action of the campaign group Meine Landwirtschaft. All together this means that when you meet or write to your MEP, members of the public from all across the EU will also be meeting and writing to their MEPs.

Don't worry about not being an expert; your MEP probably isn't either. Armed with your conviction, passion and common sense you will be a force to be reckoned with. Click here for a summary about the CAP reform and what's at stake.

Please tell us about your experiences and impressions.
Your feedback is of tremendous value!

Go M.A.D.!