Good Food March



Let's rock! And roll SEED BALLS together! ARC2020 in Cooperation with Save Our Seeds is organising SEED BALL ACTIONS in several cities and places!


Together we will be rolling SEED BALLS and dance to the beats of cool DJs or we get together for a flower-power SEED BALL ACTION outside in the sunshine.


Europe's bees need our support! Due to monocultures and the decline of ecological focus areas, bees, bublebees and butterflies find less food these days.

ARCtivista is now here to change this: The flower diversity resulting from the SEED BALLS is a first step to colourful variety, rather than standardized uniformity!


Free entrance for Guerilla-Gardeners and everybody who wants to become one!

Support us by bringing your own open pollinating seeds!

Upcoming events:



1st of June 2013 from 10 AM at FEZ in Berlin


Stra├če zum FEZ 2

12459 Berlin


What is a SEED BALL?

SEED BALLS are small plantable balls made out of seeds, soil and clay. They can be used across cities to add a touch of much-needed colour.

The seeds within the SEED BALL are well-protected until they reach a spot suitable for them to sprout. The resultant diveristy of flowers provides nourishment for bees, bumblebees and butterflies!