Good Food March

The action goes on! 

The Good Food Good Farming photo action, allows anyone to share their hopes for the future of Europe's agricultural policy. You can send a photo to the campaign at any time to:

It's so simple and takes just a few minutes! Find a larger 'How to...' image at the bottom of this page!

The messages will be communicated to decision-makers in Brussels at key points in the reform debate. The first 1000 were presented to key decision-makers in a book of citizen testimonials during the Good Food March finale in Brussels in summer 2012. A copy was also given to all 27 EU Agricultural Ministers. In the weeks leading up to the final vote in the European Parliament in Strasbourg (March 13th 2013) we presented a newspaper with all the images to MEPs across Europe.  Have you sent yours yet?

Check out all the photos that have been sent so far...

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