Do you want a better food system?

Check out our info-comics raising awareness on sustainable food systems by following the journey of a carrot. They are fun and easy for anyone to understand – available in 14 languages, unbranded and free! Use them to spread the change we want to see, whether on your dinner table or on social media.

Let´s transform the food system!

In September 2023, the EU Commission will propose a new legislation (SFS law) that could shape our food systems for the better. In short, decisions are being taken that will impact your health and diet. We can use this moment to start the wave of change!

Pesticide reduction now!

The EU is updating its pesticide regulation in 2023 – and Good Food Good Farming calls to #DetoxEuAgriculture! The new regulation needs to ensure legally binding reduction targets to protect the health of farmers, biodiversity and our planet! Learn more and check out our last actions:

GFGF European days of action 2022!

More than 50 events on good food and farming across Europe and a culminating protest in Brussels – those were the GFGF Action days 2022! Thank you all for your great energy, creativity and spirit!

About the campaign

Good Food Good Farming is a civil society alliance that campaigns for sustainable food and farming across Europe since 2018. We bring together groups and organisations who are active at local, national and EU level to put pressure on decision makers for a transition of EU food and farming policies. From pushing for an ambitious Agricultural Policy (CAP), towards the phase-out of pesticides, we are active on many different issues related to food and farming and related EU policies.

Farmers Voices

Farmers and farm workers are the agents of change for a sustainable transition of our food system. You want to learn more about their perspective? Have a look at our videos and testimonials!

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There are many ways you can join the Good Food Good Farming movement: on the streets or from your home!

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The Good Food Good Farming Action Days are coming up every October! Check out the registered events near to you – or get inspired by our toolkit and organise your own!

Get active: Info-comics

Spread the word about sustainable food systems by sharing our new info-comics! The carrot will lead your way! The comics are available in 14 different languages, unbranded and free to use:

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