#Vote this CAP down

Action map 2020

Mapping all events from the GFGF Action month in October 2020


Join us to raise the alarm for Good food and good farming!

European policies influence what we eat: every year €60 billion of taxpayers’ money is distributed to farmers through the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). Right now, the biggest farmers get the most money. But a reform of the policy is underway, and many other laws are being discussed at the same time, affecting the way we farm and what we eat. Now is the time to stand up and be heard!

We want:

  • access to local, healthy and culturally-appropriate food for all
  •  lively rural areas and more people in farming
  • no GMOs and major reduction of chemical pesticides and fertilizers
  • fair income and decent working conditions for farmers, land workers, pastoralists and fishers
  • subsidies to support farmers in the transition to more sustainable practices
  • protection of biodiversity, the environment and the climate
  • higher animal welfare and fewer, higher-quality animal products
  • international trade agreements that protects human rights and supports efforts to create socially just and ecologically resilient societies
  • more participation of farmers, consumers and activists in political decision making

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Latest News

"In recent years, bees have become increasingly alarming sentinels of a natural balance that human beings themselves are threatening".
👓 FULL article https://t.co/xLBPQjy6UW
✒️ Sign the ECI to #SaveBeesandFarmers & food biodiversity https://t.co/rC2XLPuLoH

This is why we encourage MEPs to #VoteThisCAPdown in November. The EU’s Common Agricultural Policy needs to reduce emissions. The budget for the CAP subsidises harmful practices like the use of artificial fertilisers and cultivating drained peatlands. We do not have time to lose.

The UN Food Systems Summit #UNFSS2021 is promoting FALSE solutions to the food and climate crises

We have a few better ideas:
✊🏼climate justice
✊🏽food sovereignty
✊🏾racial justice
✊🏿human rights
✊decent working conditions

#FoodSovereigntyNOW #FoodSystems4People

Civil society groups from across the world are opposing the UN @FoodSystems summit, challenging corporate capture & marginalization of the people’s voice. Join counter-mobilisation to learn what #FoodSystems4People should look like!
👉 https://t.co/VRk6OrLVp9

🔴Happening now: #FoodSystems4People - @CSM4CFS people's counter mobilization to transform corporate #FoodSystems that treat food as a commodity, a colorful protest taking place in parallel to UN @FoodSystems Pre-Summit in Rome making visible & celebrating diverse food systems 🌱 https://t.co/hxKh1oQ3gO

📑ECVC's Youth Articulation supports the boycotting of the #UNFSS2021: A threat to democracy is a threat to food sovereignty.

We want more agroecological, decentralized, inclusive, diverse food systems, and we want young farmers to be the major players. #FoodSystems4People

The climate and biodiversity crises are looming and we're already experiencing their symptoms. We only have a few years left for damage control. On 1-31 October join us for #GoodFoodGoodFarming action days & demand future-friendly food & agri reforms! https://t.co/DhJUL3qYHh

Solutions are already there: #agroecology is a way of life and a form of resistance to the unfair economic system that is putting profit before life. AE practices are able to constantly adapt to local needs, soil, climate change... - Paula Gioia @via_campesina #FoodSystems4People

😡Have you heard? A new analysis shows that out of 53 safety-assessment studies of glyphosate submitted to regulators by chemical companies, most of them lack the types of tests most able to detect cancer risks. @BurtscherHelmut tells us what it means for EU pesticide policies.

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