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2018 is a pivotal moment as several important reform processes concerning Europe’s food and farming system are ongoing. The reform process of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) kicks off, member states discuss a new directive on Unfair Trading Practices (UTPs) trying to change power imbalances in the food supply chain. We want to use this as a hook to draw attention to the food and farming system that European citizens really want. Europe’s food and farming system needs to be stirred up!


EU’s food and farming system has become increasingly industrialised with greater chemical input, the proliferation of factory farming and the increasing consolidation by larger and fewer corporations. This is the result of different policies at the EU, national and local level. They concern agriculture, food production, trade, food safety, seed legislation, the environment, climate, health, rural development, workers’ rights and much more.

Previous reforms of the EU’s CAP have ignored the position and opinion of consumers as well as sustainable and small-scale food producers and retailers. Millions of people want a different Europe with a more sustainable and small-scale farmer-friendly system. We invite people from across Europe to raise their voices and participate in different activities so that decision-makers can no longer ignore the support for peasant farmers, environment- and climate-friendly agriculture which is tied into local economies across global food chains.


That is why we propose EU-wide Good Food Good Farming Days of Action on the 27th and 28th October 2018. Numerous events will be organized in capital cities, towns and villages across Europe. The actions will be very diverse: demonstrations, protest picnics, workshops and seminars, farm visits, eat-ins, meetings with deputies, etc. Diversity and imagination are our strength!

We want to show that we are a broad European movement!

  • In September 2018 we will start a Photo Campaign, inviting you to send us a photo with your demand for the EU’s reformed agricultural policy. The photos will be used for putting together a powerful video with a clear message to policy makers and will be handed over to all EU agricultural ministers meeting in Brussels in November. We also invite you to use the video and resend to your own national ministers and members of the European Parliament to remind them that they should not ignore us and invite them to join Good Food Good Farming.
  • On the 27th and 28th of October we will have a range of powerful actions, engaging as many people as possible, to celebrate the Good Food Good Farming system we are part of and to ask policy makers to support it. Look at our toolkit to get inspiration of what you could do!
  • We will be in Brussels on November 19th and will invite ministers to join our Disco Soup to cook up together the kind of Good Food Good Farming system we want to see. We will make sure ministers get our demands and ask them to act.


The Good Food Good Farming campaign was launched in 2012 to mobilise citizens to take action, and demand good food and good farming across Europe. The biggest campaign action to date was the Good Food March which saw farmers, consumers and young people from across Europe travel to Brussels (many by bike) for a day of action on September 19th 2012.

Good Food Good Farming is supported by a broad range of civil society organizations from different backgrounds, uniting peasant with consumer organizations, environmental associations with global solidarity movements and many more. We are a diverse movement supporting the idea of a world based on solidarity where diversity and tolerance are a strength. We stand against discrimination based on person’s origin, skin colour, religion, sexual identity and orientation, abilities or any other characteristic.

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