Detox EU agriculture!

Our participatory action for the GFGF Action Days 2022!

Action ended on 31. October 2022

Are you fed up with pesticides, too?

Synthetic pesticides are a serious threat to our food and farming systems! On the field, they threaten our biodiversity and endanger the health of farmers and field workers. And they do not stop at the farm gate: Through the air we breathe and the food we eat, pesticides find their way into our bodies. Our hair is a silent witness of our exposure to pesticides.

In the beginning of 2022, More than 250 EU citizens participated in the GFGF Pesticide-CheckUp and got their hair analysed for pesticide residues by an independet laboratory. For more information on the action and the upcoming results, click here.

Raise your voice for a drastic pesticide reduction in the EU!

In 2022, pesticides are high on the political and public agenda: this year, the EU revises its regulation on the use of pesticides and Rachel Carson´s bestseller Silent spring celebrates its 60th anniversary. So now is the time to let the decision-makers know: our agriculture needs a detox! We need policies that guarantee a drastic reduction of pesticide use and support farmers in their uptake of agro-ecologic farming methods.

DISCLAIMER: Even though it involves the cutting of hair, our action is not connected to the current protest of Iranian women and their supporters. We simply chose a strand of hair as a protest symbol because it contains traces of our exposure to pesticides.  Nevertheless, we declare our solidarity with all feminist protests and the fight for women´s rights worldwide.

We will use our hair as a protest symbol and collect strands of hair and demands from citizens all over Europe, which we will make visible at a big protest action in Brussels in October!

Want to join in?

Upon demand, we will send you envelopes, stickers and a collection box for your event – everything you need to get started! Just get in touch via and let us know how many envelopes and stickers you need!

Our material includes: 

  • Stickers & envelopes to collect demands for better food systems
  • A collection box
  • Info-poster on pesticides (A3)
  • Colourful felt tip pens
  • Scissor (to cut the hair!)

How to join from home:

Our agriculture needs a detox –
for nature, people and the planet!


1.   Download and print the sticker template,

2.   Write down your demand for fair and healthy food systems on the sticker,

3.    Glue the sticker on the envelope and

4.    Enclose a strand of your hair – the silent witness of our pesticide exposure.

5.    Send back the envelope by the 20th October to the following address:

Good Food Good Farming / Wir haben es satt!
c/o Deutscher Naturschutzring e.V.
Marienstraße 19-20
10117 Berlin – GERMANY

Those scientists, farmers, bakers and activists are fed up with pesticides:

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