EU elections

Between the 23rd and 26th of May 2019, Europeans elected a new Parliament. When taking up work in automn, the new MEPs and Commissioners will take important decisions on EU policies on food and agriculture. It’s our moment to stand up for sustainable policies for better food and farming!

Here, we share with you resumees of the elections and outlooks to the future. 

Manifestos, Toolkits, etc. on the elections

Manifesto for a sustainable Europe for citizens – SDGWatch, FOEE + 200 NGOs: Link

2019 European Parliament Election Manifesto – green 10: Link

A manifesto for Nature and People – Birdlife: Link

Slow Food Manifesto (Link)

Letter to the Spitzenkandidaten for a Common Food PolicyLink

Manifesto 2019 EU elections – WWF: Link

Our Natural Heritage – the Key to Europe’s Future – EUROPARC: Link

Make Europe Great for All Manifesto – #MEGA: Link

#ElectNoHate Appeal – European Network Against Racism: Link

Civil Society demands on the future Common Agricultural Policy (Link to PDF)

How to talk about the societies we want in Europe – Guide by FOEE (Link to PDF)

Social Media for Change: Ideas, Tools and Best Practices for Civic Engagement and Elections – Toolkit (Link to PDF)

2019 – Timeline: elections and what happens after

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