EU elections

We compiled civil society campaigns and material to inspire you to get active before the elections to the European Parliament (EP) between the 23rd and 26th of May 2019.

It’s a our moment to stand up for sustainable policies for better food and farming!

Offline Actions

+ World Disco Soup Day April 27 – Slow Food Youth Network
All over the globe local groups organize “Disco Soups” to chop, cook and serve rescued food that would otherwise been wasted. In Europe, SFYN will emphasize the importance of voting for change towards a better, more sustainable food system. Join and support! This action will be connected to the broader campaign of Slow Food ahead of the European elections (see details below). Contact: Valentina Gritti

+ European May 1-9
Transnational campaign calling for Action Days between 1st and 9th of May for an open and solidary Europe. Through creative, disruptive, non-violent local actions online and offline in cities across Europe the campaign wants to show resistance and alternatives to the far-right and upcoming nationalism. Find out more and join here.

+ Demonstrations May 19 –, OPEN with national civil society coalitions
On 19th of May, demonstrations in at least 15 cities around Europe will mobilise people to the streets to say out loud they believe in a Europe of solidarity, unity, care, equality, and human rights, and protection of the environment. In Austria, Germany, The Netherlands, Romania, Sweden, Poland, France, Hungary, Spain, Czech Republic, Italy, Lithuania. Get in touch with us if you want to join or find out more.

+ Multiple debates in France – Pour une autre PAC (PPAC)
Mid-may, local groups of members of the platform PPAC will set up debates where farmers, citizens and MEP candidates will discuss agriculture and food system. The goal is to make that candidates take a pledge to support PPAC’s 12 priorities (document in French) and that citizen vote being aware of what the CAP is and why we need to change it. For more info contact Clément Pairot

(c) Slow Food

Online Material

+ Campaign in France – Pour une autre PAC
10 videos for social media, where farmers show sustainable practices for animal welfare, local economies, climate, biodiversity, etc. Videos are in French, can be used and translated. For more info contact Clément Pairot 

+ #IvoteNature – BirdLife Europe
Campaign on EU regulation on nature protection and conservation. Videos, articles, social media images etc available for everyone to use here

+ Slow Food Campaign – Slow Food, Slow Food Youth Network
starting at the end of April, regular tweets on demands for sustainable food and farming, with infographics; manifesto. Follow the campaign here

Calling for a fair and sustainable European consumption and production agenda with a special edition of ‘The Fair Times’ newspaper from 2024, which coincides with the end of the next European Parliament term. Read ‘The Fair Times’ on as from 15/4. Find the communication strategy here, detailed campaign guide here.

+ VoteforAnimals2019 – Eurogroup for Animals
Campaign to ask candidates for EP elections to show their engagement for the welfare of animals by taking a pledge. Find the pledge and a list of supportive candidates here.

+ EU Crystal Ball – Concord and other European NGOs
Animated game to show consequences of decisions on environment, society and economy, including issues related to food and farming. It calls on all political leaders and advisers to put Sustainable Development front and center of the next EU political priorities. Find shares for social media here.

+ Women for Europe – European Women’s Lobby
Campaign with Manifesto, Pledge for EP elections candidates and other materials, See here

Hashtags to use and follow


Manifestos and Toolkits

Manifesto for a sustainable Europe for citizens – SDGWatch, FOEE + 200 NGOs: Link

2019 European Parliament Election Manifesto – green 10: Link

A manifesto for Nature and People – Birdlife: Link

Slow Food Manifesto (to be published at the end of April)

Manifesto 2019 EU elections – WWF: Link

Our Natural Heritage – the Key to Europe’s Future – EUROPARC: Link

Make Europe Great for All Manifesto – #MEGA: Link

#ElectNoHate Appeal – European Network Against Racism: Link

Civil Society demands on the future Common Agricultural Policy (Link to PDF)

How to talk about the societies we want in Europe – Guide by FOEE (Link to PDF)

Social Media for Change: Ideas, Tools and Best Practices for Civic Engagement and Elections – Toolkit (Link to PDF)

2019 – Timeline elections and other important dates

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