European Action Days 2020

In October 2020, more than 88 actions took place within the action days for Good Food Good Farming. In 16 countries across Europe people raised their voices to demand better policies that promote the ecological and social transition of food and farming.

Scenes from 2020 Days of Action

Impressions from the photo action “Stop business as usual”



Video Gallery

Mobilisation video GFGF Action Days 2020

Credits: Inka Dewitz

Mobilisation video Slow Food Turda

Credits: Slow Food Turda

Istrian de dignan – Drone action “Support local food”

Credits: Istrian de dignan

Protest of “Meng Landwirtschaft” in Luxemburg in front of the venues of the agriminister council on October 21.

Credits: Meng Landwirtschaft

Participatory video launched during GFGF action days 2020 to mobilise citizens to sign a petition and a mailing action asking MEPs to vote progressively in the CAP vote in the European Parliament 

Some numbers:

  • 203,305 people signed the petition
  • 33,030 people joined the mailing action to MEPs
  • and 6,980 sent direct tweets to MEPs!

Thanks to you all for the great effort you put into this!

Credits: recordings from citizens across EU and Inka Dewitz

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