Sustainable Food Systems

Food System Change in the EU

The Sustainable food systems (SFS) initiative is a comprehensive effort by the EU to promote a more sustainable and resilient food system in Europe. The initiative aims to address the various challenges faced by the European food system, including the climate crisis, biodiversity loss, food waste, and health inequalities. It is closely linked to the European Green Deal and ‘one of the flagship initiatives of the Farm to Fork Strategy’, according to the Commission.

The initiative includes a wide range of actions to transform the food system, such as promoting sustainable agricultural practices, reducing food waste, improving food safety and quality, and ensuring equitable access to healthy and sustainable food. It also seeks to support the transition to a circular economy, with a focus on reducing resource use and increasing resource efficiency in food production and consumption. A Commission proposal is expected in the third quarter of 2023, kickstarting the official legislative process.

The SFS framework has the potential to become an effective ‘umbrella law’ aligning all relevant legislation (including the CAP) with the objectives of a sustainable and fair food system. But without the necessary public pressure it could also become a collection of non-binding targets and meaningless voluntary commitments, serving the interests of the agro-industrial lobby.

Good & Healthy Food for all!

As civil society, we need to get active and ensure that the initiative is transformed into an enforceable legal framework without being watered down by industrial lobby groups. Amidst the social and ecological crisis in our food system, we need to ensure that ambitious targets are being implemented! We want a fair food and farming system that guarantees sustainable production for small-scale farmers and sustainable consumption for all people. For agroecology and access to healthy food for all!

Are you curious?

Check out our comic series raising awareness on sustainable food systems. It shows the way a carrot might look at our food systems. They are fun and easy for anyone to understand – available in 14 languages! Use them to make your voices heard – be it through conversations or noise on social media.

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