Join the footstep action!

until the 16th of January 2021

Why we need to be active now!

EU decision-makers negotiate the final cornerstones of the CAP during the trilogue processes between representatives from the EU Commission, the EU Council and the EU Parliament right now. The first decisions of the EU Parliament and EU Council were not very promising and have shown that there is not enough ambition to align the new agriculture policy with environmental and social promises!

Let’s show decision-makers we won’t let them away with this! Join the footstep action!

Joining forces with the German coalition “Wir haben es satt” (We are fed up), which is organising a protest in Berlin on 16 January 2021, we ask YOU to do a footprint, write down your demand for better food and farming, take a picture of it and share it on social media until the day of the Berlin protest, 16 January 2021, tagging agriculture ministers and EU Commissioner Timmermans and using #WithdrawtheCAP.

Join us and let’s show decision makers that not only protesters in Berlin but citizens across Europe are fed up with current policy proposals and want swiping reforms!

Join the step up action and #withdrawtheCAP 

Add your footstep until 16 January 2021

We need to radically improve the way we manage our land, re-create space for nature and help our farmers protect animals, waterways and the climate. But our governments are about to decide on a new EU farming policy that is not fit for purpose. Please join our footprint photo action and demand that your government steps up action on agricultural reforms! Add your demand and #WithdrawtheCAP!

What is the action?

COVID-19 stops us from meeting in person. But we can virtually join our steps and urge the European Commission and politicians across Europe to improve or #WithdrawTheCAP! Join in – it’s simple! 

How to join? 

  1. Take paint or water and print your footstep on a piece of paper (best A3). If you use water, you need to circle your wet print before the watermark dries. Or simply circle your shoe print with a pen on paper.
  2. Add your demand for better food and farming
  3. Share a photo of your print on social media, using #WithdrawTheCAP 
  4. tag your agriculture minister (Twitter handles) and the Vice-President of the EU Commission @Timmermans_EU 

You want to do more?: 

Convince your family, friends, colleagues and followers on social media to take part in the action.

You can find material and examples to promote the action here

Example tweets to share:

  • EU decision-makers need to step up agriculture reforms! Join the footprint photo action and demand with your footstep that your government steps up action on agricultural reforms! It’s simple: Make a footprint, add your demand and #WithdrawtheCAP and upload it on Social Media!👇👩‍🌾
  • Join your steps for agriculture reforms! We call on@vonderleyen @TimmermansEU and @JuliaKloeckner to #WithdrawTheCAP and step up support for farms that protect nature and climate! Vote with your feet 👣🥕👩‍🌾
  • Join the footprint action 👣 against farm closures, animal factories, pesticides & for better farming policies! It’s simple! Do your footprint, add your demand and #WithdrawtheCAP and uplaod your post on Social Media! Want to know more? 👉

Cross out business as usual

Photo action

How to join?

Cross a soup spoon and a fork or a shovel and a pitchfork and take a photo to show you are fed up with the current Common Agricultural Policy! Let’s collect as many photos as possible to show our governments and EU decision-makers that we are many demanding policies that support farmers in transition for future-fit practices, protect biodiversity and the climate, promote animal welfare and provide healthy food for all! You can be part of the movement now!

You need:

  • a large spoon and a large fork (e.g. salad cutlery, soup spoons, or a larger version, for instance a rake and a shovel)
  • your phone
  • friends, family or just yourself to take the picture

Raise your voice and share your picture:

  1. Upload your photo on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #GoodFoodGoodFarming
  2. add your demand for another agricultural policy in your post. Feel free to use the example tweets you can find below.
  3. tag MEPs in the European Parliament. You can find a list with MEPs to tag here.
  4. send your photo to


Consent for using the pictures

By sending or sharing a photo for the campaign your photo can be published on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts of Good Food Good Farming and its supporters and on websites and materials promoting the campaign. Your photo will not be used outside of the campaign.

Example tweets to share with your picture:

Tweet Example 1: @[add MEPs] 🇪🇺 Parliament change the #futureofCAP: All farms need at least 10% #Space4Nature for birds, insects and other animals. We demand #GoodFoodGoodFarming!

Tweet Example 2: @[add MEPs] 🇪🇺 Parliament change the #futureofCAP: Support #agroecology and #organicfarming! We demand #GoodFoodGoodFarming!

Tweet Example 3: @[add MEPs] 🇪🇺 Parliament change the #futureofCAP: At least 50% of farm subsidies should go to farmers who protect#climate & #environment. We demand #GoodFoodGoodFarming!

Tweet Example 4: @[add MEPs] 🇪🇺 Parliament change the #futureofCAP: CAP money must support farmers to tackle #climate crisis! We demand #GoodFoodGoodFarming!

Tweet Example 5: @[add MEPs] 🇪🇺 Parliament change the #futureofCAP: Stop subsidies to intensive animal farming and support transition to more plant based diets! We demand #GoodFoodGoodFarming!

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