Call on your politicians for #PesticideFreeEU

How can you help?

Over 1 million European citizens demand an end to pesticides in the ‘Save Bees and Farmers’ initiative. We want an environmentally-friendly agriculture for health, biodiversity and sustainable production of healthy food. We ask the govenments to reward farmers to work with nature.

Please use our tool to write to members of the EU Parliament. Ask them in a polite way for more ambition. You can make it much stronger by adding your own words and send the message. The tool selects the country of your IP adress, but of course you can also select another country.

Who to address as a priority?

The liberals (Renew in the EP) and social democrats (S&D) are split on the EU Pesticide Regulation. They are key to reaching a majority in favor of a strong regulation.

The christian democrats (EPP) currently run a disinformation campaign on pesticides and nature restoration. However, individual members might still vote in favor of health and nature. Help to convince them to be constructive and not block the regulation.

Why act now?

The EU Commission presented two legal proposals to reduce pesticides and to restore nature. They are under heavy attack by politicians who put the interests of the chemical industry above citizens, farmers, health and biodiversity.

Your voice is crucial in helping push for an ambitious EU Pesticide Law!

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More material on pesticides:

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We need a strong SUR!

Share those animated share-pics to spread the demands for better pesticide regulations in the EU. Available in 8 different languages!

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Farmers reduce pesticides!

9 conventional farmers from 4 EU countries tell us why they reduced spraying – and which public support is needed to do so.


300 people across Europe got their hair tested for pesticides. The results, published by an independet laboratory, show that the EU needs to drastically reduce its pesticide use to protect people, biodiversity and the environment!