Food Systems Back on the Table!

When: November 8th, 2023
Where: Place du Luxembourg, Brussels
What: Good Food Good Farming Protest

Our food system is broken.

Food poverty is on the rise: 20% of people in Europe cannot afford healthy food. Supermarket prices increase, but most farmers’ incomes don’t. 37% of farms in Europe have had to shut down in the last 15 years while agroindustrial giants take over. Pesticides are degrading soils and harming the health of agricultural workers, who need support to step out of the industrial trap. Factory farming causes needless animal suffering and fuels the climate crises. We need change now!

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Why act now?

High hopes were placed on the EU´s Farm to Fork Strategy but the European Commission is not living up to its promises! With EU Elections coming up in 2024, we are at a critical juncture. We urgently need decision-makers to deliver policies that fix our food system.

The current EU has 6 months to keep its promises. We are fed up! It’s time for system change now. Our call extends to the EU Parliament that will be elected in 2024: we need to see good food and farming on the political agenda!

We want a future where:

  • Everyone has access to high quality and healthy food
  • Farming with nature is an easy choice 
  • Diets are local, beneficial for the climate and respect animal rights
  • Farmers receive fair prices for sustainable food
  • Politicians put farmers and citizens above the interest of big industries

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Past Actions!

Can’t come to Brussels? Join the Postcard Action!

If you join the European Days of Action in October by organising and registering an event on our page, we will send you a package with goodies for the Action Days with stickers, an info poster and postcards. Encourage your event guests to fill out the postcards with their demands to create a vision for a food system that benefits all! You send them back to us and we will hand them over to members of the EU Parliament in Brussels on November 8, the day of the big protest!