Join the campaign with info comics!

Raising awareness about problems of industrial agriculture

The campaign in short:

WHAT? 3 small info comics (+ 1 introductory slide) showing problems of industrialised agriculture as well as potential steps in another direction as outlined in the EU Farm to Fork and the EU Biodiversity Strategy. The comics can be downloaded in the languages BG, CZ, EN, ES, FR, HR, IT, NL and PL. Please find a sneak-peek of the info comics in the briefing linked in this email.

WHERE? The comics can be shared on social media and will be provided in Facebook and Instagram formats.

WHEN? There will be a common kick-off on the 20 May and we suggest two additional dates until the 21 June to share the graphics.


Check out the campaign briefing below for more info, posting suggestions etc.

From farm to fork… to us!

Good Food Good Farming invites you to take part in our awareness raising campaign targeted towards citizens with info comics around problems in relation to industrialised agriculture. Check more info in the campaign briefing (button on the left). 

As part of the European Green Deal, an umbrella initiative that aims to address climate and environmental-related challenges, the EU released two crucial strategies in May 2020, which can play a significant role in transforming our food systems: the EU biodiversity strategy and the EU Farm to Fork strategy. These strategies include some good steps into a fairer and greener future for food and farming in the EU, setting targets to reduce for examples pesticides and antibiotics use and scaling up organic farming until 2030.

Many citizens are not aware of these strategies. That is why this campaign aims to inform citizens on problems in agriculture and food production and measures defined in the EU Farm to Fork and biodiversity strategies in relation to these. The awareness of citizens is important to get them active to pressure EU legislators to act upon these issues! With 3 small comic stories, following the protagonist “fork”, we explain problems and possible solutions for issues around biodiversity, pesticides, antibiotics and climate change.

Cross out business as usual

Photo action

How to join?

Cross a soup spoon and a fork or a shovel and a pitchfork and take a photo to show you are fed up with the current Common Agricultural Policy! Let’s collect as many photos as possible to show our governments and EU decision-makers that we are many demanding policies that support farmers in transition for future-fit practices, protect biodiversity and the climate, promote animal welfare and provide healthy food for all! You can be part of the movement now!

You need:

  • a large spoon and a large fork (e.g. salad cutlery, soup spoons, or a larger version, for instance a rake and a shovel)
  • your phone
  • friends, family or just yourself to take the picture

Raise your voice and share your picture:

  1. Upload your photo on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #GoodFoodGoodFarming
  2. add your demand for another agricultural policy in your post. Feel free to use the example tweets you can find below.
  3. tag MEPs in the European Parliament. You can find a list with MEPs to tag here.
  4. send your photo to


Consent for using the pictures

By sending or sharing a photo for the campaign your photo can be published on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts of Good Food Good Farming and its supporters and on websites and materials promoting the campaign. Your photo will not be used outside of the campaign.

Example tweets to share with your picture:

Tweet Example 1: @[add MEPs] 🇪🇺 Parliament change the #futureofCAP: All farms need at least 10% #Space4Nature for birds, insects and other animals. We demand #GoodFoodGoodFarming!

Tweet Example 2: @[add MEPs] 🇪🇺 Parliament change the #futureofCAP: Support #agroecology and #organicfarming! We demand #GoodFoodGoodFarming!

Tweet Example 3: @[add MEPs] 🇪🇺 Parliament change the #futureofCAP: At least 50% of farm subsidies should go to farmers who protect#climate & #environment. We demand #GoodFoodGoodFarming!

Tweet Example 4: @[add MEPs] 🇪🇺 Parliament change the #futureofCAP: CAP money must support farmers to tackle #climate crisis! We demand #GoodFoodGoodFarming!

Tweet Example 5: @[add MEPs] 🇪🇺 Parliament change the #futureofCAP: Stop subsidies to intensive animal farming and support transition to more plant based diets! We demand #GoodFoodGoodFarming!

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