Here you can find our mobilisation video for the European Days of Action from October 1 to 31 2019.

We also invite you to find out what happend last year with video and photo material of the European Days of Action in October 2018.

Mobilisation Video Good Food Good Farming 2019

In 2018, thousands of Europeans raised their voices and participated in actions all over Europe. Join us for the European Days of Action Good Food Good Farming between 1 and 31 October 2019. (c) Jason Brooks, Eric de Mildt, Wir haben es satt!

Summary European Days of Action 2018  

Impressions from decentral events in 19 European countries for the European Days of Action for Good Food Good Farming in 2018.

Video Disco Soup Luxembourg

Video of the Disco Soup organised for the European Day of Action on October 27th 2018 by the coalition MengLandwirtschaft in Luxembourg.

Video London People’s Feast

Video of the Feast on October 27 2018 to share food, stories and performance celebrating London’s rich culinary heritage stemming from all corners of the globe.

Video Protest Berlin 

Video from the protest in Berlin on October 27 2018 calling on the German minister to promote bee-friendly farming and a sustainable CAPreform.

Video Eat-In Glasgow

Video from the Eat-In for a better future of farming. Organized by Slow Food Youth Network Scotland and Young Friends of the Earth Scotland in Glasgow on October 28 2018. (c)

Video Food Caravan North-Limburg

Video of Food Caravan organized by Voedsel Anders Netherlands and Werkgroep Land en Tuinbouw Noord-Limburg with 120 participants visiting famers and inspiring initiatives and taking part in workshops (including about the CAP) on October 27 2018.

Video Disco Soup in Brussels

Video of our concluding action showing how we brought demands for a sustainable CAP to Brussels when EU ministers met there on November 19th 2018.

Photos #GoodFoodGoodFarming Disco Soup Brussels

Flickr Photo Gallery picturing our protest in Brussels in November 2018.

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