Detox EU agriculture!

Our protest action on the 27th of October  2022 in Brussels!

EU pesticide policies are hair-raising!


The EU is updating its pesticide policies. But instead of paving the way for truly sustainable and toxic-free agriculture, the Commission proposes only minor improvements containing too many loopholes and misleading indicators.

Pesticides are a major cause of biodiversity loss and a health risk for people, especially those working and living around farms. We are fed up with an agricultural system using harmful substances which can even be traced in our hair!

Therefore, just like the 1.2 million Europeans who signed the „Save bees and farmes“ Citizen Initiatve, we demand an 80% reduction of pesticide use by 2030 and a complete phase-out by 2035. Support should be given to farmers moving away from pesticides while the indicators should be improved to reflect their toxicity.

We were loud & colorful in front of the European Parliament. With speakers and music we creatively showed our protest. As a special attraction, we displayed the demands that hundreds of EU-citizens send us together with a piece of their hair – the silent witness of their exposure to pesticides!

Media coverage

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